For the last month or so, Instagram has been frequently sending me the following push notifications:

Instagram "may know" notification

  • USER, who you may know, is on Instagram. Would you like to follow them?
  • USER, who you might know, is on Instagram.
  • USER is on Instagram. USER2 and X others also follow them.
  • Since you follow USER1, you might like USER2.
  • Follow USER1, USER2, and others you know to see their photos and videos.

The account is never someone "I may know" in real life, so it does not seem to be based on a Facebook link or Contact / Phone Number. It seems to be based on Instagram interests / in-common followers / similar accounts.

I have always had almost every notification setting turned OFF in Settings > Notifications. This must be a new notification type that Facebook/Instagram has added to their "growth hack" list and helpfully turned ON by default.

Which specific Notification Setting controls these "who you may know" notifications? How can I stop seeing these notifications?

Discussed elsewhere:

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Go to Settings → Notifications → Following and Followers → Account Suggestions → Off.

  • Note: this setting does now control iOS push notifications, but the messages still seem to appear in your in-app Activity feed even after turning them Off.
    – pkamb
    Commented Sep 6, 2021 at 18:06

These have been annoying me as well. Unfortunately, you can't turn these off. You would have to turn off all Instagram notifications to get rid of it.

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