I have a spreadsheet with three columns: one for dates, one for daily income and one for daily change rates.

enter image description here

I want to have a sum of all the daily income grouped by month as seen above. For that, on cell E2 I have the following formula:


It works well. Now, I would like to calculate the monthly average from the daily average (grouped by month). This is what I tried:

 unique(text(A2:A,""MMMYY"")),B2:B), AVERAGEif(text(A2:A,""MMMYY""),

It doesn't work, it gives out the following:

ErrorFunction ARRAY_ROW parameter 3 has mismatched row size. Expected: 4. Actual: 1.

Edit: In the end, I found a way to make it work using query:

)),B2:B82,C2:C82},"Select Col1, Sum(Col2),avg(Col2) group by Col1 format Col1'MMM-YY'")

Any ideas how to solve this without query?


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Please use the following


What we actually do is sum/count=average

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