I had a Conditional Format in Place, but it somehow stopped working once I filled in an IF Argument into my cell.

A1 Contains a Number I put in manually
A2 Contains another Number I put in manually
A3 Contains a Number which changes (with IF Arguments) depending on which number is input into A1

A3 Is supposed to change it's color depending on the Number it contains.

My Argument for A3 is

=IF(A1=1, "3", IF(A1=2, "6", IF(A1=3, "3", if(A1=4, "6","N/A"))))

I had my Conditional Format on Cell A3 as "Custom Formula is" with the Formula being

=A2=A3 -> Green  

and a second one as

=A2<A3 -> Red

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You turned your numbers into text by putting quotes around them. Take the quotes off the numbers in your formula, and your CF should work again:

=IF(A1=1, 3, IF(A1=2, 6, IF(A1=3, 3, IF(A1=4, 6,"N/A"))))

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