Is it possible arrayformula combined with many if, and, isblank ??

The code below works fine


I have to make ERP in google spreadsheet

I'm tying to combine arrayformula with upper code.

=arrayformula(IF(AND(ISBLANK(F8:F)=TRUE,ISBLANK(H8:H)=FALSE), "Not shipped", IF((AND(ISBLANK(F8:F)=FALSE,ISBLANK(H8:H)=FALSE)),"Shipped","")))

Doesn't work..

I want to put combined arrayformula in G8 cell It's really bother me


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The functions AND as well as OR do NOT work in arrayformulas.

One should use the multiplication sign * and the addition sign + respectively.

So your formula will be

=ArrayFormula(IF((ISBLANK(F8:F)=TRUE)*(ISBLANK(H8:H)=FALSE), "Not shipped", 
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