I'm updating a Google Sheet. In that Google Sheet, I need to display a student's grade based on specific cut offs. I thought a SWITCH statement would be the correct approach. However, based on that documentation, it looks like the case statements are mappings instead of conditionals. This seems incorrect. I feel like I'm misunderstanding something. At this time, I have the following SWITCH statement.

=SWITCH(85, 85<=60, "F", 85<=70, "D", 85<=80, "C", 85<=90, "B", 85<=100, "A", "Unknown")

85 is the value in a cell. I manually put it in to debug. However, this statement always results in "Unknown". Is there a way to use conditional statements in a SWITCH statement?

Thank you.


What you should actually use is the IFS function instead

=IF(LEN(A2),IFS(A2<=60, "F", A2<=70, "D", A2<=80, "C", A2<=90, "B", A2<=100, "A"),"Unknown")

Using the extra function ArrayFormula we apply the same formula to each row for the whole range

    IFS(A2:A<=60, "F", A2:A<=70, "D", A2:A<=80, "C", A2:A<=90, "B", A2:A<=100, "A"),""))  

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You are using the wrong function. Use IFS instead.

Your example:

=IFS(A1<=60; "F"; A1<=70; "D"; A1<=80; "C"; A1<=90; "B"; A1<=100; "A")

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