For work necessities, I need to create a long list of events on an Outlook shared calendar, and all the members have to receive a reminder for each event. To avoid the creation of single events, I created an excel file that properly imported in outlook sets the single events with the reminder a few days before. The system works properly but:

  1. The reminder appears only in my inbox, and does not appear to the people I shared the calendar with;

  2. The people with whom I shared the calendar cannot load the excel file that I use to generate the events, because on their box the shared calendar does not exist.

I need to have the event pop up on all the PCs of my team, what could be a solution?

Is it better to create an outlook shared account where to upload the excel file so that everyone has the active reminders or to lean on another system? Is there a way to get the notification on other computers that I don't know?

Thank you in advance.

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