For example, when I paste:


in Google Sheets, it autoformats it:

enter image description here

I've tried different things (Format>Plain Text) but it doesnt work. I just want to get what I paste there as plain text. (i dont have predetermined format of what i paste there, the sentecne might start with + symbol, with = symbol or whatever. I just want it stopped formatting of inputed data).

I saw answers to similar questions, which suggest putting ' or whatever. But i dont want to manually put some symbols in front of every line, as I paste hundreds of lines.


Unfortunately you cannot force Google Sheets to stop auto-formatting as number.

As an alternative

Use a different program to add en masse, a single quote ' to every piece of data you want to paste in sheets.

For example:

You can use a free online tool (like https://pinetools.com/add-text-each-line) to change the following text

= + 345 - a
+ 123 - 100 = 23

to this, which you can then paste in Google sheets (or a notepad for later use).

'= + 345 - a
'+ 123 - 100 = 23

A way of doing this is to consider using File > Import

If you import a plain text file, like .csv or .txt, under "Separator character," you can pick what letter or symbol Google Sheets uses to separate cells.

Detect automatically: This will automatically find ways to split your data set. For example, it can detect fixed-width-formatted files. Tab Comma Custom: Choose a custom character to split your data.

Click Import.


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