Is there a way to display a substring of the title column's value in a page properties report?

Background Context

I'm working with Confluence Cloud to create a documentation space for our apps. The space makes heavy use of a pattern where child pages are created using templates with a Label and Page Properties Macro, and the parent page uses the Page Properties Report Macro to list those child pages & their properties in a grid view.

i.e. I have 2 templates, with the below structure:

  • Template: Application
    • Label: PageType-Application
    • Button: Create from Template
      • Text: Add How To
      • Template Name: How To
    • Macro: Page Properties Report
      • Label: PageType-HowTo
      • Space(s): Current space
      • With Ancestor: Current page
  • Template: How To
    • Label: PageType-HowTo
    • Macro: Page Properties
      • Table Rows:
        • Heading: Summary

From this, I have a site structure that looks like this:

  • Applications
    • Confluence
      • Confluence: How To: Change Password
      • Confluence: How To: Log in
    • StackExchange
      • StackExchange: How To: Change Password
      • StackExchange: How To: Log in

Were someone to go to my StackExchange app's page, I'd like them to see this:

Stack Exchange

How Tos

[Add How To] | Title | Summary | | Change Password | Explains how a user can amend their own password | | Login | Describes how to access the system from a fresh browser session |

However, because each page in a space needs to have a unique name, and both apps would have a Change Password page, I need to include the app's name to keep things unique; so the titles become Confluence: Change Password and StackExchange: Change Password. This additional text however is unhelpful when the user's already on the application's page, so knows the app from the context.

Side Note

I accept that I may have an XY Problem here... My requirement is to create templates to reduce manual effort / decision making for the teams creating our documentation, by having each template contain buttons to create and link to the relevant child pages, whilst ensuring that the resulting documentation is easy to read; e.g. by not having lots of duplicate information displayed in each link.

i.e. If there's a way to allow pages in a space to have the same name so long as they live in different parts of the tree structure, or a way to have the page properties report macro show a different column instead of the title column (though still linked to the child page), that would be an equally valid solution.

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