In Tiddly Wiki classic I had a list with all Tiddlers tagged with the tag like the tiddlers name.

I had a tiddler named "Intro".
When I have opened the tiddler "Intro" I got a gray box with all tiddlers which had the tag "Intro".
For example I had "Programms" and "Abbreviations" with the tag "Intro".

So I could easily structure the wiki and I could create an hierarchy.

This feature you can recreate in the new Tiddly wiki doing like this:

<<list-links "[tag[Intro]]">>


<<list-links filter:"[tag<currentTiddler>] +[sort[title]]">>


<<list-links "[all[current]tagging[]]">>

But this is annoying. I have to copy this in every tiddler.

Is there an opportunity to get the functionality like in classic? (out of the box). Maybe by adding something in template?

I found this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43035771/tiddlywiki-make-a-list-of-all-tiddlers-tagged-with-name-of-current-tiddler

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  • create a tiddler named for exampe MyTagging (name doesn't matter)
  • tag it with tag: $:/tags/ViewTemplate"
  • in text body write
<<list-links "[all[current]tagging[]]">>

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