I'm currently managing a linkedin account for a direct relative of mine, and I've been noticing a variety of differences across the two sites. Specifically, I'm interested in getting the "Linkedin News" feed, which should be displaying in the top-right of the home page, in my experience. Instead, I'm stuck guessing as to which criteria I have to meet to fulfill some invisible criteria, with very few reference documents.

Top: My account (Account 1). Bottom: Relative's account (Account 2)

There are a variety of factors that could, in my head, contribute to why the news feed isn't showing:

  1. My account (Account 1, let's call it) is substantially older and has over 200 connections. I mention the connections because I'm believe that Linkedin prohibits certain features until you have enough connections.
  2. These two accounts are significantly far apart, geographically speaking, and Linkedin isn't gathering news data for Account 2's feed, in that region (UK).
  3. Because I want to remain logged into both accounts simultaneously, I have Account 1 logged into my normal Chrome browser, and Account 2 is logged into an Incognito session of Chrome.
  4. Account 2 is not following "enough" accounts for the feed to be adequately populated which instead shows the "Add to your feed" box as a replacement until some invisible requirement is met.
  5. I have my account linked to my work's Linkedin Learning profile, which might constitute some kind of premium user who gained access to the news feed.

Because there's so many factors at play here, I'd be interested if anyone else could at least cut down on some of these.

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