I need to make daily report and put color scale under conditional formatting tab. But since there are so many columns (I have 76 column), I need automatic script to make it like below picture. enter image description here

The closest solution I found is below macro script (it applies horizontally, what I need is a vertical one)


Can someone help me? Thank you

Update 1

Currently, I did that manually go to one by one column and apply the color scale.

Picture 1 picture 1

And from this link https://webapps.stackexchange.com/a/123048/257611, it was able to do an automatic color scale to each row, not column. It goes like this (i change the date to row):

Picture 2 picture 2

I need a way to execute color scaling in a column format to run vertically without doing it manually like picture 1.

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    Welcome to Web Applications. Please show what you tried and be specific regarding were do you get stuck. – Rubén Nov 10 at 16:13

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