Is there a way to remove text from a box in google sheets? Here is a example:

Total: [=sum(stuff here)]
User 1   5 points
User 2   8 points

The [5 points] is one cell. If I just try to sum it up, it just gives me a 0. Is there a way for formula to ignore text and only read numbers in a cell? If you could help, That would be great! :)

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The following formula do the job

  • REGEXTRACT use regular expressions to extract text and works fine together with VALUE and ARRAYFORMULA
  • \d{1,} is a regular expression that match any digit (0-9) following by any number of digits.
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Please use the following formula

="Total: "&ArrayFormula(SUM(IFERROR(REGEXEXTRACT(B2:B,"\d{1,}")*1)))

enter image description here

Functions used:

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  • By the way have you tested the accepted formula when empty cells are present? – marikamitsos Nov 12 at 6:28

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