I want to write a conditional formatting formula that will convert

1-3 to 1-Thursday,

2-2 to 2-Wednesday,

3-1 to 3-Tuesday,

4-0 to 4-Monday.

The rationalization being I have a list of committee meeting dates, which fall on ordered days of the week, not specific days. So I want a date type (as in "second Wednesday") that can be inputted and sorted numerically but read by the user as a string. I already know that the following formula will spit out a "Monday":


and that I can concatenate specific valued strings such as: =CONCATENATE(CONCATENATE("2,"-"),TEXT(WEEKDAY(0),"dddd"))

to make "2-Monday".

So how can I pose a formula that will interpret a pattern in the form number-hyphen-number to this for arbitrary numeric values (assuming the 3rd character is a number 0-6)?

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One solution I have come up with does not use conditional formatting. Instead, it uses a column of hyphenated, single-digit numbers to fill another column.

Test case

Cell E5: 1-3



I have verified this will work for any digit 1...7 on the right-hand-side. This indexing system was nudged from 0...6 to 1...7 because the CHOOSE function begins with 1, not 0.

A conditional format formula would still be preferable to this because then we would not need the extra column to do the conversion.

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