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Formula Currently: =CONCATENATE("[",FILTER('BLS - Occupational Employment Statistics'!B:B,'BLS - Occupational Employment Statistics'!H:H=A2),",",FILTER('BLS - Occupational Employment Statistics'!Z:Z,'BLS - Occupational Employment Statistics'!H:H=A2),"]")


I have a spreadsheet from the Department of Labor. In in is the wages for all the careers they track broken out by state. The careers are signified with a SOC Code.

What I need is to create a list of what the median annual wage is per state for each career.

So I run a FILTER on the list to give me the state name for anything that matches the specific job code for that row. It gives me a list of them in separate cells. I then run a second FILTER to get the wages. I get those in a list in separate cells as well.

I need these combined together (ie [Arizona,54000], [Virginia,60000], etc.).

Next I put those two FILTERs into CONCATENATE and add the brackets and comma needed. Now I get [the entire list of FILTER 1, the entire list of FILTER 2] when I need [FILTER 1 result 1,FILTER 2 result 1] and so forth.

How would I get the desired results?

BONUS QUESTION: I really need these arrays separated by commas themselves without one at the end. So CONCATENATE isn't exactly my preference. I hoped that I could create a list of these individual arrays, TRANSPOSE them so they're on the horizontal axis, the run a JOIN with the comma as a delimiter. Is there a way to incorporate that into this formula or at least get the results in separate cells so I can then run the JOIN?

EDIT: I was able to find a solution on the Google forums. Here's the updated code: =arrayformula( "[" & filter('BLS - Occupational Employment Statistics'!B:B, 'BLS - Occupational Employment Statistics'!H:H = A2) & "," & filter('BLS - Occupational Employment Statistics'!Z:Z,'BLS - Occupational Employment Statistics'!H:H = A2) & "]" )

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  • Updated. Thanks! – Kevin Handy Nov 18 at 17:48
  • Sorry but I still see 36000+ rows and columns extending to AC. Not a usable sheet. :( – marikamitsos Nov 18 at 17:52
  • Imagine the API docs. lol There's a reason I'm trying to do it through Sheets! – Kevin Handy Nov 18 at 19:40
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