I am using a browser and going to twitter.com.

I am at a person or organization's page, for example twitter.com/realDonaldTrump. I see only three or four latest tweets from that person under the Tweets tab. It is also the same under the Tweets & Replies tab.

How do I get a list of all tweets ever made by a Twitter user?

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The best way to see all the tweets from a specific user is to use the from: operator in Twitter's search box, coupled with the username of the desired account. For example:


Will give you all the tweets authored by @Twitter.

You can narrow this to include or exclude reply tweets made by the user to other tweets. For example:

from:Twitter filter:replies

will give you only the replies @Twitter made to other users.

There are many more operators you can add in combination with the from: operator to get really intereting results like only tweets with links or only tweets that have been shared or liked X number of times.

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