I have found the the regexmatch solution for substring: Google Sheets formula for "if contains"

However, why for "*" is not working? I'm trying to make a condition if the name contains "*" it will exclude the stamp duty cost.

As for now, I'm using =IF(REGEXMATCH(C11,"-"),0,ROUNDUP(G11/1000,0)).
What is the explanation why "*" cannot be used?

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    Please edit your question to show the formula which didn't work. Nov 26, 2020 at 14:19

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You are trying to create a match condition if a name contains "*" (asterisk). However in the question that you cited, Google Sheets formula for “if contains”, none of the REGEXMATCH answers use an asterisk.

In spreadsheets, the asterisk (*) is normally a wildcard character taking the place of any number of characters. But in regex, the asterisk has a special role as occurrence/Repetition Operator. To match an asterisk (or any other special character) in regex, you need to use a escape sequence prefix with a backslash like this: \*

Try this formula =REGEXMATCH(A2,"\*").

It will return True if Cell A2 contains an asterisk, and False if it does not contain an asterisk.




To determine if cell A1 contains an asterisk, use:

=if(iserror(find(char(42),A1)),"No Asterisk","Asterisk")

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