I am approaching the 15GB limit of Google's free storage for Gmail and Drive. I have a lot of screenshots that I have sent with Gmail. I want to free up space but I don't want to delete any emails.

Given that Google Photos will start counting newly added photos and videos towards this common Google storage quota, but not for the items uploaded prior to 2021-06-01, I want to move the images embedded within my Gmail messages to Google Photos and leave a link to the photo in Google Photos in the email.

I have searched for quite long for a solution to automate this but so far I haven't found any solution.

How to migrate embedded/attached images in Gmail to Google Photos and leave a link in the email to the moved location?

Ideally I would love to see images in the emails as they are now by using <img src="https://photos.app.goo.gl/someRandomString"/> in the emails.


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