With the destruction of Album Archives, where will all of the photos from a Hangouts be stored? and answers therein address some aspects of google hangouts "going away" over time.

Google Hangouts is slowly getting "discontinued" as well.

While there are several links to possible futures, I'd like to ask about having access to historical chats in Google Hangouts; the text and images interspersed within it.

Will I likely always be able to access historical chats in some way? Right now I can search for bits I remember through keyword search in Gmail, and from a browser scroll backwards from now in a hangouts tab, but will I always be able to do this in the future?

note: I think that this answer may be saying "yes" but I'm not 100% certain.

Is there some way that I can backup the text of a Hangouts chat offline, ideally with interspersed images intact?



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