First, I apologize if my use of quotations and such are not correct. I will try my best to explain my situation and I appreciate any help provided.

I have one Workbook with multiple sheets.

Sheets are titled, "This Month" "Last Month" and "Compiled Data".

The rows of data on "This Month" and "Last Month!" do not match.

For example on "This Month" the information in Row 26 (1420576) does not appear at all on "Last Month".
Sometimes the reverse is true. The information is on "Last Month" and not on "This Month". For example, Row 68(1608785) is on "Last Month" but not "This Month".

I need to add the information from Column O from "This Month" to the information from Column O on "Last Month" and I want that information to insert into Column H on the "Compiled Data" sheet.

I have tried to use =sum('This Month'!$O$2)+('Last Month'!$O$2) but that doesn't account for the information that is different between the rows from each sheet.

How can I use a formula or something to complete this task without manually comparing each row?

Here is an example sheet to reference.


  • Issues on sheet="Last Month": First-there are a number of #N/A values in the "Total Time" column. Is this deliberate or an error? Second-there are a number of "0" values in the "Total Time" column (as compared to 0:00:00). Is this deliberate or an error? Third: the last row for "LA Key" is #486; however there is a value of "#N/A" in cell O488. Is this deliberate or an error?
    – Tedinoz
    Dec 6, 2020 at 2:56
  • LA Key values on sheet="This Month" are numeric values. LA Key values on sheet = "Last Month" are text values. Is this deliberate or an error?
    – Tedinoz
    Dec 6, 2020 at 3:01
  • On sheet="Last Month", rows 487 to 1000 are blank. Is this deliberate or an error?
    – Tedinoz
    Dec 6, 2020 at 3:07

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Thank you so much for the response.

Issues For "Last Month"

  1. #NA is deliberate. I don't have data to include. Is there a better/different way this should be represented?
  2. 0 is the same as 0:00:00. There is no length of time to report. Deliberate (kinda). Should I have it all the same?
  3. I deleted the #NA from Row 488. It should not have been there.
  4. Rows 487-1000 are blank.

Issues with "This Month" Text values vs numeric values. An error. They are identifying #'s and don't hold any value. How do I correct it?

Again, much appreciated.

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