How can I hide or remove all sponsored products in a amazon search result? For example if I sort the results by average customer review there are often much sponsored products in the list with no reviews at all with is very annoying for me.

In particular I am interested in amazon.de (where sponsored products in German are called "Gesponsert".

I didn't find any option in amazon to hide sponsored products and also tried the amazon lite addon for chromium, but it didn't work.

The best thing so far was the amazon ad blocker for chromium. It works for amazon.com but not for the German version amazon.de.

Since I am not sure if such addons are save (or track what you do on amazon), maybe a solution using your OS hosts file would be great.


Finally (Dec. 2020) the following chromium add on worked for me:

eBay™ & Amazon™ Adblocker No Ads & Sponsored

Note that I am not sure that this addon doesn't track, what you do on amazon.


Try Ad-Aware Adblocker and other products. They prevent you from being attacked personally and computer-wise; from serial attackers. I recommend Ad-Aware to all my friends/family. https://www.adaware.com

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