I can get an RSS feed of my contact's photos via http://www.flickr.com/photos/friends/ , at a URL of the form:


And if I change the friend=0 to friend=1 then I'll get a feed of my friend's photos only.

However, the contacts feed will contain both friends and non-friends photos, so if I subscribe to both I'll get duplicates.

How can I get a feed that contains only photos from contacts who aren't friends?

I thought I might be able to achieve this using Yahoo Pipes, but I haven't figured out how.

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You can achieve it via Yahoo Pipes.

  1. Make two Fetch Data Modules. One with friend=0 and one with friend=1 Let 'channel.item' be your path
  2. Create a Union between these two.
  3. Apply the Unique module and filter by item.title
  4. Slap in a Filter that filters for repeats using item.y:repeatcount then hook it to the Pipe Output

alt text

  • I've had this running for a while, but I've found it doesn't work very well - I'm getting lots of friend's photos through in this feed. I'm guessing this is because the 2 flickr feeds aren't updated in sync. I think a better approach would be to somehow filter the contacts feed using the list of usernames of my friends, but this will be a bit more tricky I think. Jul 25, 2010 at 11:10

I think the answer to this will be to use the API call getContactsPhotos, and then filter the isfriend=1 and isfamily=1 results out.

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