I am using Gmail. I want to delete hundreds of emails. I do not have the box above the emails to select all. I just have the 3 lines to choose the email type, sent, drafts, spam etc.
I also have the refresh button next to that. I do not not have the option anywhere on the page to select standard rather than basic html. Any advice appreciated.

I have searched and all answers tell me to use the drop down box or select it. IT IS NOT THERE.
I hope this is clear to whoever it was that intimated another user was not able to express themselves well. I certainly understood their question which I believe was as mine above, and was not answered.

  • This looks to be a troubleshooting like question which are not a good fit for this site. Ref. Troubleshooting guidance, anyway, try using Chrome in incognito mode with all the extensions disabled. If that not work, try using a different web browser then a different computer. – Rubén Jan 6 at 16:38

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