I'm working on a Google Sheets document in which I calculate profits based on two columns: Price and payment method. I'd like help with a script that checks the values of said columns in each row, and based on those two columns sets a certain value in another column (net profit).

So: If row 2 column E (price) = €47,00 && column H (payment method) = "iDEAL" then set the value in column K (net profit) of row 2 to €42,98.

My table:

Example of my table

Text version of sample data

Date Time Order_nr Product Price Vat Email Payment method Couponcode Couponamount Net profit
12/12/2020 01:02:03 order_wc_order_nr_2 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL
14/12/2020 02:05:04 order_wc_order_nr_3 Awesome Product $0.00 0 [email protected] 43.12
16/12/2020 03:10:05 order_wc_order_nr_4 Awesome Product $28.20 2.33 [email protected] Bancontact 17.25
17/12/2020 04:15:06 order_wc_order_nr_5 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL
23/12/2020 05:20:07 order_wc_order_nr_6 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL
23/12/2020 06:25:08 order_wc_order_nr_7 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL
23/12/2020 07:30:09 order_wc_order_nr_8 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL
23/12/2020 08:35:10 order_wc_order_nr_9 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL
23/12/2020 09:40:11 order_wc_order_nr_10 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] PayPal
23/12/2020 10:45:12 order_wc_order_nr_11 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL
23/12/2020 11:50:13 order_wc_order_nr_12 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL
23/12/2020 12:55:14 order_wc_order_nr_13 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL
23/12/2020 14:00:15 order_wc_order_nr_14 Awesome Product $47.00 3.88 [email protected] IDEAL

This table has 3 different price values: €47, €37,9 and €28,20. We offer four different payment methods: "iDEAL", "PayPal", "Bancontact" and "Creditcard".

For each combination of price value and payment method, there is a different net profit.
Net profit values:

Table2 data as text

$47.00 Net Profit
IDEAL $42.89
PayPal $41.09
CreditCard $42.25
BanConnect $42.81
$37.60 Net Profit
IDEAL $34.27
PayPal $32.47
CreditCard $33.63
BanConnect $34.19
$28.20 Net Profit
IDEAL $25.64
PayPal $23.84
CreditCard $25.00
BanConnect $25.56

I tried to edit the following script:

function onEdit() {
  var sheetActive = SpreadsheetApp.openById("mySheetID");
  var s = sheetActive.getSheetByName("mySheetName");
  var r = s.getActiveCell();
      if( r.getColumn() == 7 && r.getValue() == 47)
      var nextCell = r.offset(0, 2);

Based on the script in this link: How do I update one column based on the value of another using a script?

But I didn't get it to work and it also doesn't take the values of two columns into account.

I also found the following script: Use `setValue` to update a column based on values of two others that match their respective values in reference cells

But I haven't been able to find out how to edit the script to fit my needs.

I have minimal experience with scripting and programming but I think I need a for-loop that iterates through my rows in combination with a case/switch based on two column values.

Please help me out and thanks in advance!

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When the "Payment method" is updated on Table1, you want to lookup the net profit on Table2 based on the combination of the Table 1 Price and Payment method. Then you want to update the "Net profit" value on Table 1.

Layout of Table 2

The design of Table 2 is inefficient and impossible to normalise. This solution redesigns the Table 2 as shown in this image.

Revised Table2

function onEdit(e) {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  // define the sheets
  var nametable1 = "Table1";
  var nametable2 = "Table2";
  var table1 = ss.getSheetByName(nametable1);
  var table2 = ss.getSheetByName(nametable2);
  // variables to watch
  var watchsheet = nametable1; // sheet
  var watchcol = 8; // trigger columncolumn H-Payment method
  var pricecol = 5;   // column for price
  var npcol = 10; // net profit column: Column K (zero-based)
  var headerrows=1;   // number of header rows
  var table1spcol = 4; // var table1 sell prices are in Column E zero-based
  var table2sprow=2; // table 2 sell porices are on row 2
  // editted parameters - index-based, not zero-based
  var edittedcol = e.range.getColumn();
  var edittedrow = e.range.getRow();
  var edittedsheet = e.source.getSheetName();
  var edittedvalue = e.value;
  // Logger.log("DEBUG: Edited details: column = "+edittedcol+", row =  "+edittedrow+", sheet = "+edittedsheet+", value = "+edittedvalue);
  // test sheet, column and row
  if(edittedsheet == nametable1 && edittedcol == watchcol && edittedrow >1){
    // there was a change on table 1 in Column H below row 1
    var table1values = table1.getDataRange().getValues(); // get the data for table1
    var table2values = table2.getDataRange().getValues(); // get the data for table2
    var sp = table1values[edittedrow][table1spcol];  // Table1 sell price
    // Logger.log("DEBUG: the sell price is "+sp);
    // get the column of selli prices from Table 2
    var sellprices = table2values.map(function(e){return e[0];});//[[e],[e],[e]]=>[e,e,e]

    // lookup table1 sp on table2 
    // result is index number or -1 if not found.
    var result = sellprices.indexOf(sp);
    // Logger.log("DEBUG: the index number for the sell price is "+result)
    // lookup paymentmethoid from table 1 on table2 
    // result is index number or -1 if not found.
    var methodidx = table2values[0].indexOf(edittedvalue);
    // Logger.log("DEBUG: the index number for the payment type is  "+methodidx);
    // get the net profit from Table 2
    var netp = table2values[result][methodidx];
    // Logger.log("DEBUG: the net profit is "+netp);
    // update the net profit on Table1       

Processing Logic

The following may help you understand the aspects of the script that fit your needs.

  • Table2

    • As mentioned this is simply a very poor layout for a database (which is how we are using Sheets). The new design brings all the data into a single table that can be searched efficiently.
  • onEdit(e)

    • onEdit is a special script that is automatically triggered when a user edits a cell. It is one of a group known as a Simple Trigger. There are also Installable triggers that you should learn about.
    • the "e" argument refers to Event Objects; these are specific values and parameters that the system returns relating to the trigger. In the case of onEdit, this link described the event objects.
  • if(edittedsheet == nametable1 && edittedcol == watchcol && edittedrow >1){

    • The script needs to ensure that the edit is on Table1, in Column H, and in a row below the header(s).
    • the three conditions are joined by && which means "AND. FYI, || means "OR" but that doesn't apply here.
  • getValues()

    • note that the script gets ALL the data for Table1 and Table2.
    • values in specific rows and columns can be obtained by applying the various row and column parameters that have already been identified.
  • indexOf

    • indexOf is a Javascript method that searches for a value in an array.
  • Table 2 - Search Selling prices.

    • var sellprices = table2values.map(function(e){return e[0];});
    • we need to search the column 1 of Table2. Map lets you do this by returning just the first column of the 2D Array.
  • Table 2 - Search Payment Methods

    • var methodidx = table2values[0].indexOf(edittedvalue);
    • this enables the script to search the first row of the 2D array.

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