I don't want to manually count the texts, and I don't have archives of the emails Google Voice sends me. How can I view how many texts I received from a given phone number on Google voice? Does Google voice have some way to do so?

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This is not possible in the Google Voice app itself (to the best of my knowledge).

But here is a quick and dirty solution using MS excel (or google sheets):

  1. copy your entire google voice conversation and paste into excel (column A).
  2. In cell B1 paste this formula: =SUM(IF(LEFT(A1:A29,16)="Message by replace",1,0))
  3. in the formula, remove the word 'replace' and replace it with the first 5 letters of the contact who is sending you the texts... You can find this easily in excel with any cell that starts with "Message by someone" etc.
  4. the number that the formula outputs should be the correct amount of messages that you received.

Let me know if that works for you.

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