How to eliminate the "Open in Google Docs" option to prevent various users from opening/modifying a shared PDF file in Docs for the free (not Business/Market) Google Drive?

I password protected the original PDF before uploading & sharing on Google Drive. However, when users open the pdf, Drive offers the option to "Open in Google Docs" in a Dropdown box at top center (depending on the user's pc, there may be other Apps visible in the same dropdown box as options.)

So, when users select the "Open in Google Docs" dropdown option, they can OPEN and MODIFY the original document as a WORD/DOCS type document, bypassing the password protection of the original pdf. All I want is for them to view, download and/or print the pdf, NOT modify.

In addition to password protecting the pdf before uploading to Drive, the pdf sharing is restricted to "anyone with link can VIEW" on Drive. The only solution I have found is to ask each user to modify their Chrome extension to remove Google Docs as an application option, which seems impractical. I wish to restrict opening as Docs at the Google Drive level for all users. Thank You!

  • Welcome to Web Applications. What application are you using to password protect the original PDF? Does it offer an option to block converting / extract the PDF content?
    – Rubén
    Dec 28 '20 at 21:35

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