Since most YouTube comments are noise, is there a way to order them by rating on the video page? The two top comments seem to be shown, but I often want to see more.

I'm adding another bounty, since the question is almost a year old and my current solution is simply just reading the top-two comments. Greasemonkey scripts, Firefox/Chromium plugins and sites with embedded players would all be welcomed as solutions.


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I just installed Youtube Comment Retriever. It is a Chrome extension. When you watch YouTube video, you can open side panel, where you will see comments sorted from highest rated.

I haven't found similar add-on for Firefox, but there are some other nice plugins (eg. YouTube Comment Snob) that can at least filter undesirable comments.


So far, no way to do it within YouTube alone. There might be a Greasemonkey script able to do that, but I couldn't find any. Maybe someone can make one based on others. Meanwhile, in case you're using Google Chrome or Firefox, you can find in OpinionCloud a much better idea on how to handle the endless comments.


You could have a look at Sort Youtube Comments by Rating

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