Since most YouTube comments are noise, is there a way to order them by rating on the video page? The two top comments seem to be shown, but I often want to see more.

I'm adding another bounty, since the question is almost a year old and my current solution is simply just reading the top-two comments. Greasemonkey scripts, Firefox/Chromium plugins and sites with embedded players would all be welcomed as solutions.

  • Any thoughts on why Youtube are (evidently) making sure their built-in Sort does not work as expected in terms of sorting comments by rating? It just seems very strange that Chrome extensions are needed to provide such a basic function. Do people think it likely that Youtube are just trying to get people to spend more time on site, leafing through hundreds of comments before (manually/visually) finding those that are top-voted? – z8080 Jan 7 '19 at 9:44

I just installed Youtube Comment Retriever. It is a Chrome extension. When you watch YouTube video, you can open side panel, where you will see comments sorted from highest rated.

I haven't found similar add-on for Firefox, but there are some other nice plugins (eg. YouTube Comment Snob) that can at least filter undesirable comments.

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So far, no way to do it within YouTube alone. There might be a Greasemonkey script able to do that, but I couldn't find any. Maybe someone can make one based on others. Meanwhile, in case you're using Google Chrome or Firefox, you can find in OpinionCloud a much better idea on how to handle the endless comments.

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You could have a look at Sort Youtube Comments by Rating

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