I'd like to pull the "Meals" data from across multiple worksheets. The following produces the #ERROR message instead.

=sum(filter('jan20':'aug30'!E10:E108, regexmatch('jan20':'aug30'!I10:I108, "Meals")))
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    Hey, I think this part of the formula is wrong : 'jan20':'aug30'!xx:xx are you trying to pull data from several worksheets (jan, feb, mar, etc.. aug) ? – pjmg Jan 5 at 15:21
  • Yes, trying to pull from several worksheets as you've indicated. What should I correct in the formula? – Michelle Fontenot Jan 6 at 19:26
  • Unfortunately, =Filter 's condition is restricted to a single column. However you can try a query. Can you share some sample data ? – pjmg Jan 7 at 9:58
  • Sure, but the sample I paste appears jumbled up, & this doesn't accept a paste from clipboard. What shld I do? Thx! – Michelle Fontenot Jan 8 at 16:22
  • maybe a dummy sheet ? – pjmg Jan 10 at 18:56

1/3/2020 DEBIT HILTONS FOOD SER -$14.14 Expense: Meals 1/21/2020 DEBIT LA MADELEINE SHO -$17.12 Expense: Meals 1/21/2020 DEBIT LA MADELEINE SHO -$5.95 Expense: Meals 1/31/2020 DEBIT MECHES SUPERMARK -$8.30

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