Gmail has started showing what it thinks is a useful summary at the top of emails which contain online order info. Usually this is just visual clutter to me and I have to scroll past it to see what I need to see. How can I disable this?


A bit crude but this seems to work so far for me.

Use an ad blocker extension like uBlock Origin. In the uBlock settings go to the "My filters" tab and add the following rule. Then click "Apply changes" and refresh Gmail and it should be gone.

! Block Gmail smart summaries

Also, have you tried disabling "Turn on smart features and personalization" in Gmail's settings under the "General" tab? (it doesn't seem to disable it for existing emails for me, but maybe future emails?)

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    Changing GMail setting didn't seem to make a difference (or turns off way too many features). I'll have to get uBlock installed to try but that look promising.
    – Brad
    Jan 11 at 17:55

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