I'm having trouble with the offset function, it doesn't seem to read address functions.

Read down the health column of the Monster Statistics by Level table until you find your monster's HP. Then look across and note the Level suggested for a monster with those hit points. Now look at the Defense suggested for a monster of that Level. If your monster's Defense is at least two points higher or lower than that number, adjust the challenge rating suggested by its hit points up or down by 1 for every 2 points of difference

Pos of HP lvl (cell C9) is not read by offset lvl, it's just to display that the function works by its self. When I use that function in the offset function it breaks even though it works when I input A2 directly in. What kind of formatting is necessary to properly read an address function as the cell reference of an offset function?

spreadsheet link here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rFaOTtClokb-wKLppvsDo9-JMf4aq4GtUkczyLCHG0w/edit?usp=sharing

The example shown

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