Lets see if I can explain this well enough...

I have a spreadsheet "Main_page" that is dynamically pulling information from a secondary sheet, "All_shots". I also have 2 google forms that are activated via buttons on "Main_page".

The google forms ask questions which pipe into two response pages.

What I'm trying to figure out is a way to do a vlookup that can interpret the data in a dynamic way.

The "Main Page" has dynamic information tied to cell C2. C2 is a data validation drop down that has a list of shot names. These shots names are pulled from column A2-A76 in "All_Shots"

So what I need to happen, and I cannot seem to wrap my head around how to do this....

I need a series of checks to happen and then a result to occur based on those checks.

On "Main_page" I need a script or a formula to look at "Main_page!C2" if that result is (for example) "FO_VFX_010" then I need it to look at my two form response pages to pull data

Form response page one: "Shot_version". "Shot_version" needs to pull information from all of its cells in each row.

For instance. "Shot_version!B2" should be the thing to match to in "Main_page!C2" that's the first part. once the script/formula has matched those two entries it needs to look at the next cell to the right which is "version_number" this will be a list of numbers in the format of v001, v002.v003 etc.

Somehow, and here's where I'm stuck, I need to have either a "countif" or a "vlookup" to make the determination where that info is piped.

I want user input via a google form, to answer the following questions and then pipe the answers into "Main_page" but those answers will change to match whatever is in "Main_page!C2"

So the Google Form asks:

Shot Number (dropdown with list)
Version number (dropdown with list)
Artist's notes (paragraph)
Date submitted (calendar)
Shot Status (drop down list)

On the "Main_page!H11" I want to dynamically take the contents of "Shot_version!B2 & "_" & C2"
So in this example "Main_page!H11" would read as "FO_VFX_010_v001"

Then M11 would have the date pulled from "Shot_version!E2"

The major hurdle I'm having is if all of that is piped in, and I change the dropdown in "Main_page!C2" going from "FO_VFX_010" to "FO_VFX_020" I need the contents of "Main_page!H11" to update to match the google form entry for that shot. so "Main_page!H11" would then read "FO_VFX_020_v001"

I have records under "Main_page!H11" that need to do the same thing. So "Main_page!H11" is v001
"Main_page!H13" is v002 (some merged cells in there) "Main_page!H15" is v003 etc.

To add insult to injury I have the same issue with my second Google Form.

"Main_page!O11" needs to reference "Client_notes!D2" but only if it first matches "Client_notes!B2" I need some way for the version number to be the thing that drives which cell gets which information.. and it has to dynamically switch whenever I change "Main_page!C2"

Everything is tied to "Main_page!C2". It's driving a bunch of other stuff using vlookup and a few other kitchen sink things. But I can't seem to make that work for these cells. not sure what I'm doing wrong.

For instance I currently have:

=vlookup(C2,Shot_version!$B$2:$C$79,1,0) & "_" & vlookup(C2,Shot_version!$B$2:$C$79,2,0)

This does return the correct information as long as I'm on "Main_page!C2" with the dropdown set to "FO_VFX_010"

If I change it to "FO_VFX_020", ALL of my "Main_page!H" cells change to the same answer of "FO_VFX_020_v001" I can't figure out what I'm missing!

Oh and bonus points, I'd like the status in "Main_page!G5" to match whatever the most recent entry is on the "Shot_version!G2:G" column is. So if it's ready for review on v001, but it's rendering on v002, status would update to "rendering"

Here's what Main_page looks like with the name set to "FO_VFX_010"

Here's what Main_page looks like with the name set to "FO_VFX_020"

This is what the google form results look like for "Client_notes"

This is what the google form results look like for "Shot_version"


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