I want to be able to tell Google

if [some string] is in the URL, don't include as a search result

For example:

If I want to do a search for "popcorn", the first thing that comes up as a result is www.thepopcornfactory.com. How can I tell it

if 'popcorn' is in the URL, exclude that result

I checked the advanced search, couldn't find that option. Anyone know a search engine that allows this?

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It doesn't seem to be possible with Google. In the paragraph about the site operator, GoogleGuide says,

You can use many of the search operators in conjunction with the basic search operators +, –, OR, and " ".

but it doesn't seem to work for the inurl operator.

The following works for one specific site:

popcorn -site:thepopcornfactory.com

You could string together all the sites you don't want (which is how I use it), but that's hardly optimal and only works on the domain name, not the entire URL:

popcorn -site:thepopcornfactory.com -site:popcornhour.com -site:popcorn.org

As partial domain matching seems to be limited even for Google's Custom Search, I suspect that this might be a limitation of the way they keep or access their index. So above may be the only way, unless someone else knows more.


Google allows this if the [string] you're trying to exclude needs to be excluded only when it occupies a whole "word" of the URL. So for instance you can exclude thepopcornfactory.com sites with


but that won't exclude en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popcorn or www.popcornopolis.com. Using:


similarly won't exclude thepopcornfactory.com or www.popcornopolis.com


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