Using the below importhtml I'm hoping to order the numerical data of the third column in size order, but it seems I have lost my way on the model I was following. Any help greatly appreciated.


query(IMPORTHTML("https://fbref.com/en/share/SxTNE"”,”table”,2),”Select * where Col3=’Crdy'”)

  • Maybe the problem is caused by the use of typographic quotes like instead of straight quotes like ". What is the result returned by QUERY? – Rubén Jan 9 at 15:52

Try this formula:

=query({importhtml("https://fbref.com/en/share/SxTNE","table",0)},"Select Col3")

There are several reasons why your formula was not successful:

  • "special" characters vs "normal" characters: often when formula are copied from the web, they can include characters that are not conventional keyboard characters; they might look okay, but the software can't interpret them.
    • vs ": " is the conventional board character for double quotation marks; whereas is a special character: Right Double Quotation Mark.
    • vs ': ' is a conventional keyboard character for a Single Quotation mark; whereas is a special characters: Right Single Quotation Mark

Query Data Range

  • IMPORTHTML("https://fbref.com/en/share/SxTNE"”: the range ends in two quotations marks (one is a special character). The range should end in one normal Double Quotation mark.

  • the query range should be surrounded by curly braces to create an array.

Select where Col3=’Crdy'”

  • CrdY is the header for Col3, so "select * where Col3 = 'CrdY'" won't return any results (other than the headers) because there are no values in Col3 with a value of "CrdY"


This data is returned using this formula:



There are several reasons why your formula was not working.

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