I am aware that I may be asking the wrong question here. Not sure how to ask, but I am trying to create a budget on google sheets that to record how much I spend on each day. Right now I have the transaction shown below:

Date | Category | Amount  
Jan 1| Dining   | $5 
Jan 1| Dining   | $30
Jan 1| Gas      | $20
Jan 2| Other    | $15

I want to know how I could use the information I have above to create the table shown below:

Date | Dining| Gas| Other
Jan 1| $35   | $20| $0
Jan 2| $0    | $0 | $15

I'm stuck trying to use a LOOKUP and SUMIF together.


The manual solution would be to create a Pivot table of your data.

However, if you are looking for a formula solution, you can create a pivot table by using a query formula:

={query(A1:C,"Select A, Sum(C) where A is not null group by A Pivot B limit 0",1);
ArrayFormula((N(Query(query(A1:C,"Select A, Sum(C) where A is not null group by A Pivot B",1),
"Select * offset 1",0))))}

enter image description here

Or you could just use the simplest version of it:

=query(A1:C,"Select A, Sum(C) where A is not null group by A Pivot B",1)

but you will get empty cells when the amounts are zero.

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    Correct Marios. I too would go for the formula. Still. I think you over complicated it. One could use a much simpler version like: =query(A1:C,"Select A, Sum(C) where A is not null group by A Pivot B",1) – marikamitsos Jan 10 at 18:07
  • @marikamitsos the OP wants to put zeros when the amount is 0$ so I just wanted to stick with that. But besides that then yes the single formula is much easier. Thanks a lot for your feedback :) – soMario Jan 10 at 19:33
  • Wow, this is perfect, and complicated. Thank you. Time to learn more about pivots, queries and arrayformula – Beginner Programmer Jan 11 at 0:11
  • @Marios Do you know how I could include dates that doesn't contain any value? For example if we change Jan 2 to Jan 3. Is it possible to have the Jan 2 row still existing with $0's? – Beginner Programmer Jan 12 at 18:28
  • I am not sure if that's possible. Could you post a new question so other readers would be able to help you out ? @BeginnerProgrammer – soMario Jan 12 at 18:31

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