I am creating a spreadsheet for a service drive my non-profit is doing. As people sign up through a Google Form, the information comes in like this:


However, to make it easier on our volunteers, it would be beneficial to have the information split up into a smaller pieces and be more uniform.

I need a way for the sheet to do the following:

  1. A way to copy the Parent's First and last name, as well as their Phone Number and Building Pickup number (I.e. Columns A-D), while giving a separate row for each of their children (+their needs on the same row.)
  2. A process that can handle a variable amount of children
  3. An automated process of handling this information.

The sheet should look like this: divided

I would greatly appreciate your help!

  • Welcome Jacob. Please have a look at this simple solution which exactly addresses your problem. If still in need let me know. – marikamitsos Jan 14 at 14:48
  • 1
    Thank you marikamitsos! That answered my question completely. – Jacob Trader Jan 14 at 17:04
  • Although one would think I tend to be biased, I believe it is the best solution. Glad I could help :) – marikamitsos Jan 14 at 17:13

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