I followed my own instructions for how to transfer folders between different Google Drives here How to copy a shared folder into my own Google Drive?

Basically, share a folder X from account A to B and give B edit rights. Now right-click on X again and a new option has appeared "Make B owner". This also removes A as owner and makes A editor of X.

I then changed A from editor to viewer and then, as A, deleted a file. Surprisingly, this was allowed and it also removed the file from B's account and put into B's Trash (as well as A's Trash).

Further information

  • After changing the owner of X, the folder was "orphaned" on A's account. The only way to find its content is to search for a file in it. In other words, you can't start at the root of A's drive and browse to it.

  • X consumes the quota on BOTH A's and B's account. This is weird. The deletion issue described above indicates that X is stored in just one account (although the fact that the deleted file ends up in both A's and B's trash says something different) but the quota usage indicates that X is duplicated.

  • I have waited a couple of days in case there were some delays in updating the quota usage or similar.

  • On A, X is listed under Shared with me.

How do I sort out this mess? I want X at account B, and only there, and recover my space at A.

Update 1 with more details:

If I look at X's share properties in account B, it is not shared and B is listed as the owner, just what you would expect. However, if I, from account B, look at file F located in X, A is listed as owner and B is listed as editor. This was not expected. A visualisation of the file hierarchy:

B/          (root folder for B)
B/X         (X is a folder and owned by B and not shared)
B/X/F       (F is a file and **is** shared and owned by A!! B only has editing rights.)

Update 2

From account A I tried to change the owner of F to B but that operation was not allowed.



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