I am getting spam emails from [email protected] where xxx is getting changed in every mail. So blocking the sender is not solving the problem. How to blacklist with *@domain.com in Gmail?


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There are many links how to use FILTERS, as Ruben comments.

The steps are

  1. In Settings > Filters CREATE a filter
  2. just write your actual @domain.com in FROM field of the filter criteria
  3. choose DELETE MAIL in the action that's it.

You'll love the world of Filters, even more if combined with Labels if you like easy overview of incoming mails.


The subdomains keep changing too, so you should use an * to block the entire domain along with all subdomains, i.e. "*.domain.com"

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  • The OP's question isn't about changing sub-domains. Please ask a new question if you have one or have an answer to one. See the Tour as well as How to Ask and How to Answer. Also note that Gmail search won't differentiate between from:(*.domain.com) or from:(@domain.com) or from:(domain.com). They will all return subdomains such as @subdomain.domain.com. The * isn't a Gmail search operator nor does the . behave as you think. Gmail search sees both john.smith and john....smith as john beside smith
    – Blind Spots
    Sep 28 at 23:47

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