When I used the "Download Your Information" feature of Facebook, it produced two zip files. Both files have a messages folder and a large file named facebook_1479114225.zip.enc. There are no instructions as to how to join these two zip files. I cannot just extract the contents of both files into the same directory as the second extraction would overwrite the first large .enc file.

Only one of the files contains an index.html file and I am able to access that page to read contents going back several years, but I have no idea how to merge these two files.

  • Since Facebook moved its "Download your information" functionality to Meta Accounts Center, I haven't got an .enc file ever since.
    – Anim Mouse
    Commented Mar 31 at 6:15

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This is as far as I think I've figured it out:

The .enc extension indicates that the file is encrypted. Checking the syntax for OpenSSL on https://www.techquintal.com/openssl-commands-examples/ and we find out how to decrypt an encrypted file! We're halfway there!

However, what password was used for the encryption is beyond me! I tried using my Facebook password to no avail.

This is the time when we all scream in unison, "Some assistance, please!"

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