I have a company Google Sheets workbook which ideally I'd like to share internally as HTML; at present it's shared as a .pdf which is OK but imperfect.

To do so, I use the link sheets.google.com/etc/export?format=pdf, and I was wondering if there was an html equivalent?

Note that I do not want to use the 'publish' option which does of course create an HTML version, however that is viewable to anyone with the link which I do not want - I want this only to be viewable by specific accounts with which it's been shared.

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I came across this snippet that demonstrates how the export request is made, which looks like what you're currently using


I then found in the File -> Download menu that there is an option to download an HTML as a zipped file, and using network inspector they use the "zip" endpoint.

So I took the export link and changed the PDF to zip


And it downloads your workbook in HTML format, stored in a zip file (because it includes css and other resources that may be embedded in the book)

If you're automating the export process you can have it unzipped afterwards.

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