I've been trying to learn the Query function in Sheets, and cannot understand why the Query below works. To me, it looks like there would need to be one more " to close the SELECT clause, but it seems that the last " in the IF statement does the trick.

Can someone explain what I'm missing here?

=query(Listings,"SELECT A, D, G, N, O, P 

WHERE G < "&B3&"

AND N < "&B4&"

AND P < "&B5&"

"&if(B2="All Towns","ORDER BY A"," and D = '"&B2&"' ORDER BY A")


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Maybe there is a missing space before ORDER BY A in the second IF parameter

instead of

if(B2="All Towns","ORDER BY A"," and D = '"&B2&"' ORDER BY A")

it might have to be

if(B2="All Towns"," ORDER BY A"," and D = '"&B2&"' ORDER BY A")

besides that, there is no need of an extra " because the second parameter of QUERY is a text value and the formula included as the second parameter returns a text value.

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