I want to display a date in Google Sheets as Month-Day (e.g. Jan-10) with the underlying data as: 2021-01-10

However in order to show Jan-10, Google Sheets defaults the underlying data to 01/10/2021 instead.

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Just change the format by going to
Format >Number >More Formats >More date and time formats and choose or create the one that meets your needs.

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  • Notice your underlying data is 1/10/2021? How can that be changed?
    – Techcrium
    Jan 22, 2021 at 13:52
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Google Sheets manages dates as serial-numbers, meaning that a date (as well a date-time, time, duration) are internally managed as numbers and what you see depends on the spreadsheet regional settings and the cell formatting.

You can find the explanation made by Google on Date and Number Formats

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