How can I get Google Calendar to create events at xx:05 instead of xx:00 by default?

People are weird.

My senior leadership is encouraging us to start meetings in our calendars at 5 minutes after the hour (or half hour). Is there a way, using some combination of a Chrome Extension, Google Workspace App, eldritch invocation, dark pact, forbidden technology, or similar, that will, when I create an event by selecting the time block, have the field default to five minutes after the half hour or hour?

I searched the Chrome store and found no such extensions - I searched the Workspace Store and found no such apps. I didn't see any relevant settings in Google Calendar settings (though I do love Speedy Meetings for an adjacent reason). Are there shenanigans I could be employing via Google Apps Script or my own Chrome Extension that would permit this behavior?

Relevant to this question from SuperUser.

  • Since people seem to appreciate the question, I went digging, and would recommend that folks upvote this thread in Google's Calendar support. Jul 30, 2021 at 12:24


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