I had someone ask me about a problem that just started. They open Chrome on their computer and go to Gmail. The view that comes up is the inbox. What he said use to happen is that he could work on other things and Gmail would continue to update in the background and display new items in his inbox automatically. Now that has stopped. He has to manually check for new items.

I tried the same thing on my computer with my Gmail account and indeed new items were automatically displayed in my inbox even thought I was working on other things at the time.

Googling said there should be some kind of auto sync setting but darn if I can find it. Can someone tell me how to correct this problem?


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I had been dealing with this same issue for a long time in chrome on windows desktop, and FINALLY figured out a solution:

Go to "chrome://flags"

search and turn off "calculate-native-win-occlusion"

restart chrome, tabs now refresh properly in the background.

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