Problem statement: Computing the standard deviation of a stock's simple moving average over a 1 month period in a single line/function/formula. This problem is alternatively known as Bollinger Bands.

What I have so far: (source: googleFinance calculating the standard deviation of a stock over a time period)


This doesn't compute the standard deviation of the simple moving average. It computes just a stock's standard deviation over a period of time -- sounds similar, but is different.

Expected result: It needs to be computed in a single action. In other words, only one cell of space can be used.

Pseudo code:

STDEV(1 month SMA of AAPL)

Expected output (google sheet) (the STDEV of 1 month SMA column is the problem statement):

Ticker Today's Price STDEV of 1 month SMA
AAPL 133.90 134.69
AMZN 3310.56 3379.72

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