I know that we can use the AND function to create conditions based off of more than one criteria:

=IF(AND(A2<>"", B2=""), "You are missing a last name", "")

However, in SQL and programming we can specify AND with && and OR with ||. This makes expressions easier to parse, especially when you have a bunch of conditions chained together:

=IF(A2<>"" && B2="", "You are missing a last name", "")

When I try the above, it shows the error:

Formula parse error.

Is there a symbol we can use for AND and OR instead of the functions in Google Sheets?

The reason I suspect there might be a symbol is because instead of CONCATENATE, they allow you to use the & symbol:


Is the same as:

=A2 & B2 & C2

Thus I suspect there might be a succinct way to specify AND and OR conditions.

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=IF((A2<>"") * (B2=""), "You are missing a last name", "")

Google Sheets hasn't a symbol for AND and OR functions but you can use * and + respectively as TRUE is coerced to number as 1 and FALSE is coerced to number as 0, also any number not igual to 0 is treated as TRUE and 0 is treated as FALSE on a Boolean argument as the first argument of IF.

Q/A using * or + instead or AND and OR


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