I'm interested in auto generating named ranges for the sake of easy variable creation for formulas.
I generally use a tab called CONSTANTS while building calculators to help keep the data clean and traceable. Currently, every time I add a new constant, I have to:

  1. create a variable name ex. "Gravity" in A1
  2. in the adjacent cell, B2,type the value "9.8"
  3. Create named range "Gravity" that points to $B$1 containing "9.8"

What I would like to do is auto create a named range when a value is entered in column B and to name that range based on the adjacent cell.

Is this possible with formulas? I have not dealt with scripting yet and if it is scripted will it carry over with template if the user is not aware of how scripts work?

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From the question

Is this possible with formulas? (create a named range)

It's not possible to do this by using formulas but it's possible by using Google Apps Script, more specifically you should use a on edit trigger.



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