I activated in my Google Drive the plugin "diagrams.net" and now I'm trying to draw shapes on top of an existing floorplan which happens to be a 2400x1600 pixel large image. Because of my use case I can't reduce the resolution of the image :(

Draw.io won't let me insert the image and shows "Image too big"

enter image description here

Unfortunately it doesn't tell my what the maximum size is. I even don't know how the size is measured: Is it in pixels, is it in MB? Does it depend on the file type I chose when creating the document?


You can try to host images somewhere, copy image address and then link it in a diagram via URL (click "+" in the toolbar > Image)

This way file size should be smaller cause only image address is added, not the image itself.

  • I will give it a try for the next floor :) At the moment I ended up splitting the image in smaller parts. First of all I wanted to know, what is deemed "too big" – OneWorld Feb 10 at 8:20

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