I have a table with grade levels of students in column C and the total duration of time earned (sum of D3:F3) in column H.
In column J, I want to calculate a percentage of the total time earned based on the grade level. For example:

If C3="K", then divide H3 by 7.5
If C3="1" or "2", then divide H3 by 11.25
If C3="3", "4", "5" or "6" then divide H3 by 15

Can you assist me with how to put this formula in Google Sheets?


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You can modify this

=IF(C3="K", H3/7.5, IF(OR(EQ(C3,"1"),EQ(C3,"2")), (H3/(11.25)), (H3/15)))

Actually, anything other than "K", "1", or "2" will result in H3/15. Modify accordingly. It's because you have not specified what to do when there are values other than what you have listed. So, I have ignored the last condition.

Note: Format C3 as Text.

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