When doing date-range searches on Google Groups I find many wrong answers from non-Usenet sources. Is there a way to only search Usenet on Google Groups?

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You might have luck searching from another search engine, such as http://www.binsearch.info/

Unfortunately it only goes back 900 days, but perhaps that's enough?


You might enjoy the old faithful advanced search:


it wasn't apparently ported to the "new world" google groups, (or I can't find it) but the old groups is still there, behind the curtain.

...for now, at least. :/

It allows to search by date, it might be incredibily helpful in finding extremely old topics.

You don't get a "search-only-usenet" option, no, but you can search by usegroup hierarchy.

How? Well, for example try this search:


UPDATE: there, I forged an URL to restrict queries to all existing usenet hierarchies. (you might want to fine-tune that)


  • Most of this answer is obsolete. Advanced Search is no longer available. The manually crafted URL might still work, it would be nice to have confirmation of this. Commented Oct 17, 2023 at 22:58
  • @Rubén gawd, the whole google groups is a mere shadow of its former being. IIRC it was devastated in the hugely disastrous Larry Page tenure, which also killed google reader, to push google+. if and when I'm looking for ye olde usenet now, I download dumps from the internet archive: there are quite a few.
    – ZJR
    Commented Oct 29, 2023 at 0:37

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