I collect links to historical records describing persons falling into certain categories (e.g. secret Protestant or vampire/witch case). User specifies the Category with a checkbox answer (multiple options possible).

I want to add more options, describing professions. But now the checkbox list would be too long.

I want to do either:

  1. Add a separate question Profession. One of the the two questions Profession and/or Category must be filled in (required question) or
  2. Format the Category question so that the options are organized into sections or the checkboxes appear in multiple columns.

I do not want to add additional form page.

EDIT: Category explained: It contains information on why that entry is interesting - in general, rare/odd historical cases (e.g. secret Protestant when only Catholicism was permitted). The list may be ~20 options long, which is too much. I could lump some of the options into one category called Profession, but then I need to be able to add another (dependent and required) checkbox list or drop-down to specify which profession of interest it is.

  • It's not possible. If you need further help add a brief description of your search efforts as is suggested in How to Ask
    – Rubén
    Feb 13, 2021 at 14:56
  • Might be just me, but I don't understand what the meaning of "Category" - would you please explain. As for "Profession", have you considered a "Drop Down" of which one of the options is "None of the above". Make all the "listed" professions go to section "X"; make "None of the above" go to an intermediate section containing a single short answer question where the person records their profession; make the intermediate question go to "Section X".
    – Tedinoz
    Mar 14 at 9:16
  • @Tenidoz: I've added the explanation. I wanted something like you described. But make sure that the following question (Specify profession) is answered when "None of the above" is selected (in my case "Profession" option in the checkbox list is checked). In other words, making the follow-up question conditionally required.
    – galapah
    Mar 15 at 10:57

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There is a paid plugin for Google forms Formfacade that can change layout into 2 columns.

Another option would be to build a form manually and post the response to the Google form.

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