I have Gmail's multiple inbox set up, and can't seem to combine OR, AND and NOT logic for the search term. My top group shows red-bang and drafts, my second group yellow-bang, my third red-star, and my fourth yellow-star.

The search for my first group is: in:draft OR has:red-bang -is:snoozed

which works fine, except that if I a draft message ALSO has a yellow bang, it shows in both groups

the logic I want, expressed in excel logic is:

has:red-bang AND -is:snoozed OR in:draft AND -has:yellow-bang AND -has:red-star AND -has:yellow-star

I can't seem to get the brackets and OR in the right order to get this logic to be searched.

I found an example here, which suggests it should be (term1 OR term2) but that didn't work for me.

Any help or articles that properly explain it with examples of more complicated uses rather than just mentioning they exist, would be much appreciated!

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